Budh Gochar 2023: These zodiac signs will benefit after the transit of prince planet Mercury in Scorpio.

  • Due to the influence of planet Mercury, the power to explain something is greater than other people.

  • Mercury stays in one zodiac sign for 25 days. Mercury never grows old.

Budh Gochar 2023: The change of auspicious planet before Diwali is going to be very beneficial. Tomorrow Mercury will transit in the sign of Mars, but due to its transit, some different changes will be seen in the life of the person. In Indian astrology, Mercury is called Kumar planet. This is the fourth degree auspicious planet. Tomorrow it will transit in the Scorpio sign of Mars. It becomes the embodiment of intelligence and invention. If he is high in the horoscope, he is skilled in the political field.

It is the planet of banking, diplomacy and versatile ability. Mercury’s color is black and they look younger in age. Besides, their skin is also very fair. Due to the influence of this planet, the natives have more power to explain things and the power to communicate as compared to other natives.

Mercury is a beneficial planet but the condition with it is that it gives positive results when it is under the influence of auspicious planets and it gives negative results when it is under the influence of inauspicious planets.

The independent influence of Mercury can make the person mischievous and funny. Apart from being mischievous, these people are very good at quick wits. Mercury is the lord of Virgo. It also rules Gemini. Mercury stays in one zodiac sign for 25 days. Mercury never grows old. Is .

When will you transit?

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06 November 2023, Monday evening, 04:11, transited from Libra to Scorpio.

What effect will this transit have on the twelve zodiac signs of the horoscope?

Aries :

You will be involved in unnecessary talk. You will remain unhappy for some reason. You may have adultery with someone. Health will be fine. You will get wealth and family happiness.


There will be a lot of change in talking. There will be a long journey. Married life will remain happy. People who are in relationship may get marriage proposal. There will be huge profits from business. A religious journey will take place.

Gemini Amount :

This transit will be considered very painful for you. Throat problems, air disorders, or sinus may occur. Relationship with wife will be fine, expenses will increase.

Cancer Amount :

In this zodiac sign, it will transit in the fifth house, which will give birth to a son and will benefit from children. There will be increase in education. Love with your lover will be high. You will get income from more than one person. Old disputes will be resolved.

Lion Amount :

In this house, Mercury is transiting in the fourth house, the person will get full material happiness, house, vehicle and mother’s happiness will remain full. The seventh house will be in eleventh house. The person will get benefit from astrology, numerology, more than one work, mother. -You will get full support from your father.

Virgo Amount:

In this zodiac, it is transiting in the third house, which will get full support from brothers and sisters. Earning money will be good. Your bravery will remain intact, your work will be appreciated by your father. Travel will be done, relationship with lover will be fine.

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Libra Amount,

Keep your speech under control. Financial gains will be plentiful. Those who are preparing to go abroad will be successful. Health will be fine.


Transit in the first house in this house will make you soft-spoken, you will travel, you will be very attracted. You will develop interest in music. Relationship with wife will be fine.

sagittarius Amount :

There will be profit from business, those working in international companies will get profit, love with wife will increase and health will be affected. Which will increase the expenses. Before doing any work, definitely take advice.

Capricorn Amount :

The more hard work you do, the more results you will get. All your wishes will be fulfilled. You will get full support from friends. This is a good time for students. You will get full benefits from house and material comforts.

Aquarius Amount :

You will get full benefits from your father. You will get full benefits from your work area. You will get full support in your career. People who are associated with politics will be satisfied with your work. There will be differences with your mother.

Pisces :

There will be religious functions in the family along with expenditure of money. You will be very happy in your mind. You will develop interest in astrology. You will get full support from younger brothers and sisters. You will make short journeys.

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