danger of online betting

While the continuous development of technology is improving the facilities and services, it is also creating many problems. The incidents of data theft, hacking, fraud etc. through mobile apps are increasing. Now cases of hawala business through online betting and gambling are also coming to light. On the basis of such complaints, the Government of India has ordered to block 22 illegal apps and websites related to online betting business. This decision has been taken on the request of the Enforcement Directorate (ED). ED is investigating cases of allegedly sending money out through Hawala through some apps.

Online gaming and betting apps and websites have emerged as a big problem in recent years. It is noteworthy that earlier the government had banned more than a hundred such apps, which were illegally sending data of Indian users outside the country. A few months ago, news came that a Chinese citizen in Gujarat, along with local associates, had defrauded 12 hundred people of Rs 1400 crore in just nine days in a football betting fraud. Cases of such crimes have come to light from many states. There is also a process going on to trap people in the clutches of installment loan by giving them loan through the app.

A large number of people suffering from mobile addiction are teenagers and youth. These people also fall most into the trap of gaming and betting apps. Their attraction towards sports makes them financially trapped. They not only lose their time and money, but their data also gets misused. Be it gaming, betting or loans, most of the apps are operated from outside the country. International gangs of criminals find their associates in India also. There are guidelines from the government and the court regarding gambling and betting, there are many laws, but in this technological age it is very difficult for the police to get to the bottom of crimes.

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The world’s largest technology companies provide platforms for such apps, websites and payment processes. They should ensure that crime does not get a chance. The government should also warn them. In all the states, separate departments have been created in the police department to stop cyber crime. Law and order is the responsibility of the states. They should be more alert. In view of the increasing serious challenges, the central government should make efforts to make the rules and laws more sharp.

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