Diwali 2023: If you buy these things according to your zodiac sign on Dhanteras, there will be rain of money.

Dhanteras 2023

Dhanteras is considered one of the most famous, religious and lucky days. This festival is widely celebrated by Hindus in India. They celebrate this festival with great grandeur and joy. In our Hindu religion, there is a tradition of buying new things and worshiping the god of wealth and prosperity on this auspicious day of Dhanteras. This year Dhanteras will be celebrated on 10th i.e. Friday. In such a situation, you can see your zodiac sign and make purchases accordingly.

dhanteras shopping


People with this zodiac sign should spend their money on gold coins, silver, utensils, diamond and American diamond jewellery. If you want to finalize a property deal or buy a new car then this will be beneficial.



People with Taurus zodiac sign should opt for buying silver and diamond jewelery and can also buy any utensils. This will be auspicious and there will be prosperity in your life. It is auspicious to buy Lakshmi Ganesh idol made of silver. You can also buy a vehicle on this day.

dhanteras 2023


People with Gemini zodiac sign may get success in investing in Pukhraj (Yellow Sapphire) or in a new house or land. Topaz enhances luck and prosperity, while a new wealth symbolizes stability and growth for the always adaptable Gemini.

diwali 2023

Cancer zodiac sign

Home-loving Cancerians may consider purchasing home accessories that enhance comfort and nurture their family instincts. Comfortable blankets, kitchen appliances, or decorative items for the home can bring satisfaction and happiness this Dhanteras.

dhanteras shopping

Leo sun sign

People of Leo zodiac can also buy gold jewelery and silver jewelery and it is auspicious for these people to buy a silver lamp, light this lamp on the day of Dhanteras and offer it to the Goddess. You can also buy a new gadget like a laptop, Alexa or a new mobile phone.

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Virgo sun sign

Virgo sign people may find satisfaction in gadgets and electronic items that help in organization. Investing in functional gadgets or sophisticated electronic equipment can complement Virgo’s analytical and efficient nature.



People with this zodiac sign should buy a Swastika gold pendant which they can wear after worshiping the Goddess. If you cannot buy a gold Swastika pendant then you can buy a Swastika silver coin which should be kept at the entrance. Libra people are fond of gadgets so this can be another option for them.

Dhanteras 2023


Scorpios can find luck and strength in durable iron objects, which symbolize the resilience and strength inherent in their character.

Dhanteras 2023


Sagittarius natives may consider investments such as land, precious metals or gems to increase luck and prosperity, which matches their nature and symbolizes wealth and growth.

Dhanteras 2023


Capricorn people are advised to buy a tortoise made of silver which should be kept in the house. After purchasing it, one should apply tilak on it and pray to the God of wealth and prosperity. This will remove money related problems. If you want to buy a new vehicle, whether it is a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler, it does not matter, they can buy it without thinking anything.

Dhanteras 2023


Natives may find happiness in upgrading the aesthetics of the home with unique décor or investing in quality furniture, enhancing their visionary nature.

Dhanteras 2023


Apart from investing in the stock market, people can also consider items like art supplies, spiritual items or creative tools that are in line with their innate and artistic inclinations.

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