Grah Gochar 2023: Mars, the commander of the planets, will enter Jupiter’s house, golden time will begin for these 5 zodiac signs.

Graha Transit 2023: In astrology, Mars has been called the commander of the planets. All the planets keep traveling in their friendly and enemy zodiac signs from time to time, the effect of which is visible on human life as well as on the country and the world. On November 16, Mars will transit in Scorpio zodiac sign. Mangal Dev Will remain in Scorpio for 42 days, after which it will enter Sagittarius on 28th December. According to Vedic astrology, there is a sense of friendship between Mars and Jupiter. In such a situation, this zodiac change is being considered auspicious, along with this, the people of 05 zodiac signs may get lucky and there may also be an increase in the wealth of these people. In such a situation, let us know who are those lucky zodiac signs…

Aries- The transit of Mars is going to be auspicious for the people of Aries zodiac sign. Because Mars is going to travel to the place of destiny from your zodiac sign. Due to which you people may get the support of luck. You may get success in all your tasks and with this, all your wishes may be fulfilled. Work that has been pending for years can be completed. Along with this, you can get benefits in schemes. Some people of this zodiac sign may get some opportunities to make a career abroad. Students can get success in the academic field. Employed people can get support from juniors and seniors. Your superiors will be very happy with you at the workplace also. At this time you can travel within the country and abroad. You can participate in any religious or auspicious program, due to which your mind will always be happy.

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Cancer zodiac sign- The transit of Mars is going to be mixed for people of Cancer zodiac sign. Students will get to learn something new, which will keep them happy. People trying their hand in politics may get success. If you were worried about the health of any of your friends, then their health may also improve. You will be happy because of keeping it romantic. You can participate in some auspicious program with family members. Your sweet speech will attract people towards you. If you had lent money to someone, you can also get it back. You will get full support from your brother or sister in every work, due to which you will easily get out of any problem.

Virgo sun sign- The change in the zodiac sign of Mars may prove favorable for the people of Virgo zodiac sign. Because Mars is going to transit in the fourth house of your horoscope. Therefore, at this time you can get the pleasure of vehicle and property. Not only this, you may also get new job opportunities during this period. During this period, you will see happiness and satisfaction in life. At the same time, this time will be favorable for those who deal in real estate, property, land-property and transactions. Mars is the lord of the third and eighth house from your zodiac sign. Therefore, your courage and bravery will increase at this time. Along with this, people who are associated with the field of research can get good benefits. Time will be favorable for students.

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Sagittarius- For the people of Sagittarius zodiac sign, the transit of Mars will provide relief from money related problems. You will be thinking about many things in your mind, the completion of which will make your mind happy. There will be an atmosphere of happiness and peace in the house. The rift that has been going on with your spouse for many days will also be resolved. There will be sweetness in your speech, which will bring you respect in every field. You will get success in whatever work you do. People living a love life will care for each other, which will deepen the relationship between them. You will earn a good name through good works and people will also be seen praising you. You will be successful in earning good money by working hard.

Aquarius- The transit of Mars can prove to be financially auspicious for the people of Aquarius zodiac sign. Because Mars is going to transit on the income house of your horoscope, there can be a tremendous increase in your income at this time. During this period, you will be available to many sources of earning money. At the same time, you can get good profits in the business sector. Along with this you will also get good returns. If your business is related to oil, petroleum, minerals, iron or Shani Dev, then you can get good profits. During this period, you can also get good profits in stock market, betting and lottery.

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