Salkhan Murmu said in Sengel’s public meeting in Ranchi – Tribal people will vote for the one who will give Sarna Dharma Code.

A large number of tribals from Jharkhand, Bihar, West Bengal, Odisha, Assam, Tripura and Arunachal Pradesh participated in the Sarna Dharma Code public meeting of Tribal Sengel Abhiyan. Demanded Sarna Dharma Code for 15 crore tribals of the country. On this occasion, National President, former MP Salkhan Murmu said that whichever party talks about BJP or Congress in the winter session of Parliament, the tribals of the country will vote for that party in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. If the Prime Minister Narendra Modi If this is announced in Ulihatu tour on 15th November, then this support will go to BJP. He said that if the tribals do not get their religious freedom, then they will observe Bharat Bandh on December 30. In these 50 days, it will be made an election issue by visiting every village. We will have to do politics and diplomacy on this issue. Said that the concept of tribal nation should be implemented in India itself. Just as Bengal has been made for Bengalis, Punjab for Punjabis, Gujarat for Gujaratis. Only then will their language, religion, job, respect, land etc. be saved. Political parties or so-called tribal organizations are not able to help them because they are divided between political ideologies, in which tribal issues are secondary. There is a need to democratize the traditional self-governance system also.

These people also addressed the public meeting

The public meeting was organized by Devnarayan Murmu, Narendra Hembram, Budhan Mardi, Sumitra Murmu, Tilka Murmu, Swapan Soren, Bariyad Hembram, Amar Kumar Marandi, Mohan Hansda, Phoolchand Tirkey, Bhuvaneshwar Lohra, Shanti Oraon, Sohan Hembram, Vishwanath Tudu, Mohan Hansda, Sonaram. Soren and Ganesh Chandra Hembram also addressed.

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Remembered Dr. Karma Oraon, Saheb Ram Murmu

During the public meeting, remembering the contribution of late Dr. Karma Oraon for Sarna Dharma Code, his wife Shanti Oraon was honored. Similarly, considering the role of late Saheb Ram Murmu, the warrior of Santali language movement, his son Devdulal Murmu was honored.

Save Marang Buru Sengel Yatra on 10th December

He said that with the aim of saving Marang Buru (Parasnath Pahad, Giridih), Marang Buru Bachao Sengel Yatra will be taken out on 10th December. Tribal people from across the country will gather in Madhuban, Parasnath, Giridih on 10th December. At the same time, Haasa Language Victory Day will be celebrated in Dumka on 22nd December.

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