aaj ka rashifal 10 november 2023 aries to pisces luck of these zodiac signs shine on dhanteras today horoscope in hindi jay

Aaj Ka Rashifal 10 November 2023: From Aries to Pisces, luck of these people will shine on Dhanteras, today’s horoscope

Kartik Krishna Paksha Dwadashi day -11:47 after Trayodashi

Shri Shubh Samvat-2080, Shake-1945,

Hijri year-1444-45

Sunrise: 06:25

Sunset: 17:14

Moonrise: 03:22

Moonset: 15:30

auspicious time

Abhijeet: 11:28 − 12:11

Amrit Kalam: 17:27 − 19:11

inauspicious time

Gulik time: 07:46 − 09:07

Yamaganda: 14:32 − 15:53

Door Muhurtam:

18:37 − 18:39

18:46 − 18:48

Vrajyam time: 06:58 − 08:43

Nakshatra during sunrise – Hasta Purad Chitra, Yoga – Vishkumbh, Karan-Tai,

Planetary thoughts during sunrise – Sun- Libra, Moon- Virgo, Mars- Libra, Mercury- Scorpio, Jupiter- Aries, Venus- Virgo, Saturn- Aquarius, Rahu- Pisces, Ketu- Virgo.

Choghadiya Friday

Four-morning: 06:24 to 07:46 Char (travel, beauty, dance, cultural activities)

Profit- 07:46 am to 09:07 am Profit (Start new business, education)

Amrit – 09:07 am to 10:28 am Amrit (all types of work – especially milk product related)

Period- 10:28 am to 11:49 am Period (machine, construction and agriculture related activities)

Auspicious – Noon: 11:49 to 13:10 Auspicious (marriage, religious, education activities)

Rog – Afternoon: 13:10 to 14:31 pm Rog (debate, competition, dispute settlement)

Udveg- 14:31 pm to 15:52 pm Udveg (government related work)

Four- Evening: Char (travel, beauty, dance, cultural activities) from 15:52 to 17:13

Solution: Worship Lord Ganapati. Also donate green fodder to the cowshed.

worship: Om Saumyarupaya Vidmahe Vaneshay Dhimahi Tannau Saumyaah Prachodayat

Rahu period: 10:28 am to 11:50 pm

direction-southwest and west

  • Aries

    Today you will make new plans. Friends will support you in every difficulty. There will be support from in-laws. The situation will be much better on the economic front. Today you may receive some good news in the family, which will make your mind very happy. If you are unemployed then you can get a job soon. Your efforts will be successful. You may also get promotion in job soon. Students can achieve great success with just a little hard work, which will give you immense happiness. Due to change in weather, minor stomach related problems may occur. You can go out somewhere with your life partner and your mind will be satisfied on behalf of your children also.

    Lucky number-1, Lucky color- Maroon

  • Taurus

    Today the boss will be happy with your work. Today is a good time for people associated with the field of art. Health will be good. Can buy a new house or vehicle. Those working may have to face some major problems in their work area. Instead of panicking in any problem, try to find a solution to it. A new guest may arrive in your family, whose arrival will create an atmosphere of happiness in your house. If you are preparing for any competitive exam, you can achieve success in that also. For business people, if there is any kind of loss in business, then you may need to take help from your friend. There may be differences in your return with marriage. You may also be a little worried about your children.

    Lucky number-3, Lucky color-blue

  • Gemini

    Take full care of your parents’ happiness today. You will not get good news from children. Enemies will dominate. You may get stuck in some big problem, to get out of which you may have to take the help of all your relatives. If you are going to travel somewhere far today, then postpone your journey. Otherwise an accident may also occur. If business people do any work with their partner, then maintain only business relations with their partner. Today you may receive some kind of inauspicious news in the family, due to which your mind may become very disturbed. You may suffer some kind of loss in your job. Due to which your mind will remain sad. Before opening any business of your own, definitely take advice from your elders. Control your speech. Don’t talk wrong to anyone. You will get full support from your spouse.

    Lucky Number-2, Lucky Color-Sky

  • Cancer

    The mind will remain disturbed. Time is not good for students. There will be disappointment due to not getting the relationship as per your wish. There may be a dispute with father and brother. People doing business can get big profits, which can lead to your economic progress and your economic level can also increase. Take special care of your health. You may also have to lose a special opportunity due to your health problem. You may have stomach ache and headache related problems. You may have differences with someone in the family tomorrow. Due to health related problems, the atmosphere in the family will be a bit troublesome. People working may get good opportunities. You may get advancement in job.

    Lucky number- 5, Lucky color- White

  • Leo

    Unemployed people may get a big job offer. Those doing business can get big profits. You may have to take help from your friends in business. If you have been trying to buy a new vehicle for a long time. So you can do this today. You can also plan to go out somewhere with your family, this will keep your mind much calmer. You will get full support from your life partner. Your mind will also be satisfied on behalf of your children. You may suddenly get money, due to which your pending work can be completed.

    Lucky number- 4, Lucky color- White

  • Virgo

    People working may get opportunities for promotion in their work field. Your senior officers will be very happy with your work. The disputes that have been going on for a long time in your family may get resolved, in which you will contribute a lot. Talking about the students, tomorrow the students can get some new guidance to move ahead in their life, with the help of which you can understand all the complications of your life. Your mind will be satisfied on behalf of your children. Your behavior with your life partner will also be good.

    Lucky number- 6, Lucky color- Sky blue

  • Libra

    Will receive family support. The money given to another person will be received. Business travel will be profitable. Bank related work will be completed without any hindrance. There will be financial gain. Will have to meet friends. Will receive a gift. Will purchase items related to home. Talking about health, you should take special care of your health. If you want to invest in share market or speculative market, then you must take advice from a good advisor. You should invest money only after taking expert advice. Today you should avoid any kind of long distance travel otherwise some accident may happen and you may have to face problems. People doing business may suffer some kind of loss. Therefore be alert. A situation of quarrel may also arise. Therefore, control your speech. Disputes may arise in the office with working people. However, there are also chances of promotion in the job. Your officers will be very happy with your work and you will work diligently. Your mind will be satisfied on behalf of your children and you will also get full support from your spouse.

    Lucky number- 6, Lucky color- Light yellow

  • Scorpio

    Financial situation will be good. Stuck money will be received. Efforts will be successful. Social respect will increase. Be cautious about new relationships. Important tasks will be completed easily without delay. You will get mental peace. Will get support from family. You can buy a house, house or real estate, today will be a good day for that. Take special care of your health. You may spend a lot of money on your medicine pills, due to which there are chances of your financial condition worsening. You can make big changes in business today. Be careful while driving, you may meet with an accident, which may also result in physical injury. Today there may be a dispute in your family regarding ancestral property. People working may get promotion, you may get promotion. You will get full support from your family.

    Lucky number-4, Lucky color- Red

  • Sagittarius

    You will feel lazy. There will be less enthusiasm to work. You will get support from in-laws. There will be work pressure in the workplace. Will receive cooperation and support from colleagues. People doing business can do business in partnership, in this you can get huge offers. Which will be very beneficial for you. Your financial condition will be good, due to which your mental stress will also go away. You may have arguments in the family. After this year, you should try to resolve the dispute through talks. Your working colleagues will fully support you, which will give you peace of mind and you will be able to do your work well. Your mind will be satisfied on behalf of your children. You will also get full support from your spouse.

    Lucky number- 3, Lucky color- Maroon

  • Capricorn

    Do not be even a little careless towards your health. Otherwise you may have to face a lot of trouble. Use the vehicle carefully and control your speech, you may become a victim of an accident while driving. Business people should not do any kind of business in partnership, you may get cheated. You may have differences with your friends. Take full care of your spouse’s health, try to maintain peace at home.

    Lucky number- 6, Lucky color- Cream

  • Aquarius

    People doing jobs will get respect. You should behave well with your officers, otherwise, they may get angry with you. You can become a victim of their anger. Avoid interfering in the work of others. You may have a dispute with your spouse over some issue. You may be a little worried about the future of your siblings. Today you may have to face financial crisis. But, you may also get money suddenly. Be careful while driving, otherwise you may have to face an accident. Today, disputes may arise in your family, due to which problems may increase in your home. Today, in case of dispute, control your speech, otherwise, you may get into some trouble.

    Lucky number- 4, Lucky color- Red

  • Pisces

    Business people can work on their plans for some new work. These plans will prove to be very effective for you. You will live a good life with your family and friends. You can go on a romantic tour with your family and you will have a lot of fun there. Today you may be a little worried about your property and land. Talking about students, tomorrow their mind will be focused on studies and they will work very hard to advance their career. If you are preparing for any competitive exam then you can achieve success. If you want to go on a religious journey, then take your parents with you, it will be very auspicious for you.

    Lucky Number- 8 Lucky Color- Green

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