Dhanteras 2023: Dhanteras tomorrow, increased activity in the markets, huge demand for gold and silver jewellery.

There has been a rise in the prices of gold in the market but buyers are not ready to give preference to that price. Before the auspicious time of Dhanteras arrives, buyers have started reaching the shops to avoid the crowd. Along with the big shops of Kolkata, festive shopping has also started in the gold shops of the district. Gold traders say that common people are busy in shopping on Dhanteras and Diwali. Despite inflation, there is no shortage of customers in the markets, hence shopkeepers are hopeful. Customers are booking their items in advance. From electronic goods, two-wheeler and four-wheeler vehicles, furniture to utensils and bullion market, a boom is being witnessed.

advance booking of vehicles

There has been a lot of advance booking of vehicles regarding Dhanteras. Be it four wheeler or two wheeler, all are being booked. Right now the companies are not in a position to give the correct figures but many people have made advance booking of vehicles for Dhanteras. Seeing the auspicious time during Dhanteras, people want to bring the vehicle home. This is also the tradition. But supply is not happening as per demand. Many businessmen say that there has been good booking for Dhanteras. Many vehicles will be delivered on Friday.

Bullion market ready for Dhanteras

The bullion market is also fully prepared for Dhanteras. Gold and silver shops located in the city have been decorated for this day. Many offers are being given to attract customers. Regarding this, Sujit Burman, owner of Mahalakshmi Jewellers, said that there is a lot of hope regarding Dhanteras. On this day, there is a lot of demand for gold and silver jewelery along with silver coins. Keeping this in view, Ganesh-Lakshmi made in silver coins have been brought. This time the silver idols of Ganpati and Lakshmi have also been prepared ranging from light weight to heavy weight.

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Price of gold jewelery in Kolkata on Dhanteras, (in rupees)

price of 10 grams gold

Year 2019: 37,485

2020: 49,530

2021: 46,600

2022: 48,700

2023: 58,350

Utensil shops ready

There is a tradition of buying utensils on the occasion of Dhanteras. In view of this, utensils sellers are busy in their final level preparations. Utensil shops are also decorated with small and big pots made of copper and brass. Benachity utensils seller Abhishek Jain told that there are many varieties in utensils also. Apart from copper and brass, there is demand for steel utensils. Most people buy steel utensils only.

Advance booking of electronics goods

Advance booking is being done in electronic shops regarding Dhanteras. Apart from fridge and TV, people are showing more interest towards mobile. Especially among the youth, there is more craze regarding mobile. Customers have already started booking the new variant mobile. In this regard, the mobile seller said that there is a high demand for new models of high range mobiles in the market.

Finance companies are also in the field to take advantage

There is also a tradition of buying new items and giving gifts on the occasion of Dhanteras. Therefore, there is a huge crowd in the markets on this occasion. Finance companies are also ready to take advantage of such opportunities. People want to shop at auspicious time. For this, advance booking is being done and the help of companies is being taken for finance. Due to Dhanteras, many companies are also providing finance at zero percent interest.

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