Rahul Gandhi called caste census a revolutionary step, gave a big statement during the rally

Caste Survey: Voting for assembly elections is to be held in Madhya Pradesh on 17th November. In such a situation, election rallies are being addressed by leaders of all political parties. Meanwhile, while addressing an election rally in Satna, Madhya Pradesh, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said that the caste based census is a revolutionary step which will change the lives of the people and if Congress comes to power, it will be beneficial in Madhya Pradesh as well as at the national level. Caste census will also be conducted.

“The first task is caste based census.”

Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi said that after Congress comes to power in Madhya Pradesh, the first task is to conduct a caste-based census to know the exact number of Other Backward Classes (OBCs) in the state. He said, “It is like an

“If Congress comes to power at the Centre…”

He said that if Congress comes to power at the Centre, it will conduct caste-based census at the national level also. He described this exercise as a ‘revolutionary and life-changing’ step for the people. Rahul Gandhi alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi always said that he was an OBC, but he stopped talking about it soon after Congress raised the issue of conducting caste census in the country.

Only one OBC among 53 IAS officers!

Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi said that out of 53 IAS officers running the state in Madhya Pradesh, only one is from OBC. He claimed that this means that if the total budget of the state is Rs 100, the OBC officer has control over only 33 paise or 0.03 per cent.

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‘Around 18,000 farmers committed suicide in Madhya Pradesh’

Rahul Gandhi also alleged that around 18,000 farmers have committed suicide in Madhya Pradesh in the last 18 years due to debt-related difficulties. Referring to unemployment, he said that demonetization and Goods and Services Tax (GST) attacked small-medium businesses and traders. Gandhi said that as a result a situation of huge unemployment arose in the country.

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