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Israel Hamas War VIDEO: Today is the 36th day of war between Israel and Hamas. Amidst the war, Israel Defense Forces is continuously releasing videos and giving information about the war situation. Meanwhile, the Israeli Army has released a latest video which is of the people of Gaza. In this video, the people of Gaza are blaming Hamas for the war. They are saying that Hamas is responsible for all the lives being lost in the war. Releasing the latest video, Israel Defense Forces wrote – The people of Gaza know that Hamas is responsible for dragging them into war. The people of Gaza want to teach Hamas a lesson. Meanwhile, the news coming is horrifying. Yes… According to media reports, Palestinians fleeing from Gaza’s northern war zone to save their lives said that thousands of people taking shelter in Shifa Hospital located in the center of Gaza city were forced to flee after the overnight explosions. Went. According to reports, 80,000 people were taking shelter in the hospital amid the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas. Watch the video released by the Israeli Army…

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